Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Un-pretty Baby Blanket

My friend is expecting her second son in just about 7 weeks or so.  Some things about my friend.

1.  She doesn't like inconveniencing anyone.
2.  She thinks of every imaginable bad thing that can happen.
3.  She feels bad about every bad thing that happens whether she's responsible or not.
4.  She has an impossibly huge heart that encompasses so much and so many.

Because of this I know a few things about what happens when you make things for her:

1.  She is terrified it will get dirty.
2.  She is terrified it will fall apart when it's washed.
3.  If it's too stunning she won't even use it.
4.  If it gets ruined she'll be heart broken.

Knowing all this I could not make her a standard, gorgeous, white, pink and blue baby blanket.  It would have to be different.  Comfortable.  Easy.

I needed her to know it would be ok when the baby pukes on it, poos on it and as a toddler drags it through the dirt on his way to drape it over a picnic table bench for a fun tent.

So without further ado...  the baby blanket:

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