Monday, January 7, 2013


I am bringing this place back to life. (once I figured out what email address I used and reset the password because lord knows my memory isn't THAT good). I've made it a goal of 2013 to crochet for 4 - 6 hours a week because I love it and it's relaxing. So I'll get back to posting here all the fun hooky stuff I make. So happy to be waking this place back up. As soon as I saw it I remembered how much I loved it when I had it before. Albeit for a super short time. This is where, I need to be. I'm so at peace with a crochet hook and a cozy yarn in hand. I don't know why I stopped. I do have a few things I've made since my last photo that I'll post up. Though, sadly, not as many as I would like. But that will be changing as well. So happy I've made this decision and I hope you will all enjoy visiting here... again.

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